Cardiologie Centra Nederland





CCN (Cardiologie Centra Nederland) is an independent organization for cardiovascular care with over 14 centra, based in the Netherlands. CCN delivers the quality and personal care of a private clinic, but is completely covered by health insurance. This makes CCN a unique concept in the dutch health care system.


  • The goal of the CCN website was to reflect the modern and quality driven organization of CCN in which the patient is the center of attention.
  • The secondary target group are general practitioners that redirect patients to the CCN centers.


Working together intensely with CCN we managed to set up the website with over 100 pages of information, organized, prioritized and designed to fit the target groups and meeting their online goals. On the homepage we used custom made photographs with “Pay Offs”” that reflect the quality care of CCN. Traffic and conversion doubled after the launch of the website.

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