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MyCLIC’s mission is the prevention of cardiovascular disease and improving lifestyle by online intervention. MyCLIC stands for mijn my Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Coach. myCLIC is an innovative program that is used by medium and large enterprises to improve the lifestyle and the health of their staff. myCLIC analyses the general health of the participants, focusing on lifestyle and heart risk. The program provides each participant with personalized advice in order for them to bring about a positive lifestyle change.


MyCLIC needed a custom build system to do mass screening and online coaching.

  • After a health check each participant receives a personal prevention profile on the website.
  • The participant receives personalized advice on health and lifestyle which are all adapted to each paticipant’s personal needs.
  • The participants regularly receive tips by email that focus on his or her points of improvement.
  • Further more MyCLIC needed a comprehensive backend system in which participants are monitored and projects can be set up.


Techini has been the online partner of MyCLIC for over 4 years. The website and system of MyCLIC are all developed in house by Techini.

  • Up until now over 4.500 people have used the myCLIC system.
  • Among others, organizations such as ARBONED, AEGON, Rabobank, PGGM, AGIS, ONVZ, NN and Barths and the London Hospital use the myCLIC system.
  • On average the chances of getting a heart attack for each individual participant decreased with over 20%.
  • MyCLIC is the most effective online intervention method to decrease cardiovascular risk on the Dutch market today.


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