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    Meet the team

    For over 10 years we have been building and maintaining websites for SME's and health care.


Rob Reintjens

IT Manager / Founder

Rob is the founder of Techini. Rob has worked on the creation of websites for SME’s and e-health solutions for over 10 years.


Esmay Verschuren

Web Designer

Esmay is an all-round web designer with a passion for fashion. She knows her way around CMS’s, coding and graphical tools.


Edward Slipszenko


Edward is a skilled programmer creating websites and e-health tools. In his free time Edward likes to dive and code some more.


Geraldine Alvarez

Online Marketing

Geraldine is an analytical and result driven online marketeer with experience on organizational performance.







E-Health solutions

Company: www.myclic.nl

Rob Reintjens, founder of Techini, is also one of the co-founders of MyCLIC. All our work on the medical front is done in collaboration with MyCLIC.


Leonard Hofstra

Medical Director – MyCLIC

Leonard is a professor, cardiologist and one of the co-founders of MyCLIC. His mission is to reduce heart attacks through online interventions.


Froukje Dijk

Researcher – MyCLIC

Froukje is one of the co-founders of myCLIC. She has been working on online health intervention programs for many years. She is magical with algorithms and statistics.





rose digital

ROSE Digital

Web Development Company

Company: www.rosedigital.co.uk

ROSE Digital is a web development company based in Portsmouth run by Zac and Peter. Whenever we need to scale-up, these are our go-to guys.


Zac Coley

Front-end developer – ROSE Digital

Zac is co-founder of ROSE Digital. He works on the usability and visual design. You can find him fiddling with CSS or trying to make music with JavaScript.


Peter Jones

Back-end developer – ROSE Digital

Peter is the other co-founder of ROSE Digital. When Pete isn’t looking after his various pets and owning multiple red shirts, you’ll find him working on the fleshy innards of our products.